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Photographer Colin Seitz in the darkroom

Photography Blog

Radio City Music Hall, NYC


Radio city nyc december 2017

Radio City and the holidays always elicit a sense of nostalgia with me. I’ve enjoyed the show twice there, and while both were memorable, I don’t think those two experiences explain for me the significance of this building and why it impacts me the way it does. I think I...

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Lotus Number 2 and big decisions


Lotus 2

A few weeks back, I was asked to write the foreword for an upcoming art exhibit, In Triplicate, which opens Friday at the Oyster Point Hotel in Red Bank, NJ. What I wrote centered largely around the meaning behind photographs; said differently, photographs aren’t necessarily a...

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Your First Camera


Lens settings 1

So you have a camera, now what? Regardless of whether you have a film or digital camera, there are lots of different moving pieces, most of which either have numbers or small icons on them….so where do you begin? (If this isn’t your first camera, you can probably skip over...

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